Confused about electrics?

Campervan electrical systems can be confusing. There are so many options that it’s easy to spend days researching and still not feel confident. Electrics is the phase of a van build that people are most nervous about1, and it is often the most expensive.

1. Climbingvan 2020 Van Converison Survey


Not confident in your system?

Being confident that you’ve designed the perfect system can be challenging, and the implications of getting it wrong can be costly. How do you know if you’ve designed a system that is safe, reliable and bespoke to your needs?

Expert advice at no extra cost

Don’t spend weeks researching, trust us to do the hard work for you. Answer a series of questions about your usage and we’ll take care of the rest. We provide a bespoke proposal for your system, and once you’ve purchased your components through us we’ll send over your wiring diagram. This means you can be confident you have the perfect system and know exactly how to install it.

And, did we mention it’s free?! 


Nomadic Energy, our electrical system design service, makes off-grid energy simple.

“Rather than trying to sell the same system to everyone, we start by understanding your needs and requirements, and then use our custom algorithm to help us configure your perfect system.”

Charlie Low – Physicist

The beauty of converting your own van is that everything is bespoke to you, and your electrical system should be no different. It’s easy to spend much more than you need to, or under-spec your system and lose power when you need it most.
Dale Comley – Engineer

What does the service include?

What's included?

  • Proposals contain all components needed to install your electrical system
  • We include high quality products that match your requirements
  • We won't over or under-spec your system
  • We price match competitors on all components

Free proposal detailing the cost and performance of your system

What's included?

  • Detailed wiring diagram showing how your entire system is connected
  • Feel confident that you're installing your system correctly
  • Unlike other electrical system consultants, we don't charge to create your bespoke wiring diagram

What's included?

  • Includes detailed information about how to install specific components
  • Ensures your system is installed safely
  • Includes useful tips on using and maintaining your system

Once you order your system, receive your free bespoke wiring diagram & 30 page installation ebook

Provided once you pay for your system


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After spending hours trawling various websites and YouTube videos, I was getting more and more confused with campervan electrics. Thankfully I came across Nomadic Energy - a few emails later and I had a quote for a bespoke system that was perfect for us. Within a week I had the equipment delivered and a wiring diagram to guide me through the install, it was super easy to follow. I would 100% recommend anyone looking for an electrical system in their van to contact Nomadic Energy. You won’t be disappointed.
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Climbingvan sent me a questionnaire, and by the next day I had a complete list of what I needed, along with costs. They also provided a free wiring diagram and install document. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough – they saved me from hours of trawling the web for advice, and disappearing down electrical installation rabbit holes! Their price guarantee helped seal the deal too, and instilled confidence. They are passionate about campervan life and happy to answer any query, no matter how small. Just brilliant!
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Having just bought The Van Conversion Bible and finding its contents so helpful, I decided to ask Charlie and Dale for help in designing my campervan electrical system. Within a few days they sent me a comprehensive wiring diagram that was easy to understand, showing all cable, fuse and breaker sizes. Having a printable diagram to follow has taken away any guess work and made installation a much more simple process. Recommend this service highly.

Example systems

Indicative costs

Below we’ve included a few examples of different use cases and the type of system required for them. The cost of your system will vary based on your requirements, but these examples are intended to give a rough idea of cost only.

lithium campervan electrical system



  • Use van for weekends away, only use 1 or 2 low wattage 230V appliances (e.g. laptop, camera charger)
  • Longer trips or full-time van life but you don’t need 230V
  • Don’t have electric hook-up
lithium campervan electrical system



  • 1-2 week trips as well as weekends, use a few 230V appliances (e.g. projector, blender)
  • Longer trips or full-time van life but you don’t have a high power usage or electric hook-up
campervan electrical system



  • Use van for holidays and want a van that can be powered both off-grid and connected to campsite hook-up
  • Need to power higher wattage appliances (e.g. hairdryer, kettle)

lithium campervan electrical system



  • Longer trips or full-time van life and have very high power usage with high wattage appliances
  • Want to invest in a system that will never need to be replaced or upgraded
renogy logo
bluesea systems

What to expect

  1. Fill in our electrical questionnaire about your usage.
  2. Using our custom algorithm, we will create your bespoke system.
  3. We will email you a proposal for your system.
  4. Review your proposal, ask any questions, and agree any amendments.
  5. Once you’ve paid, your order will be dispatched and we will send your bespoke wiring diagram and installation booklet.

Our promise

  • Unlike others, we won’t charge for your quote or wiring diagram
  • We provide a 5% discount on all electrical systems to ensure we are always the cheapest
  • Be confident your system is reliable and suitable for your needs

Ready to make off-grid energy simple?


Need a phone consultation?

We can arrange a video or phone call to discuss your requirements in detail and help you untangle your electrical concerns.

This isn’t an essential service, our carefully designed system promises to deliver a carefully calculatated bespoke system for your needs. Hoewever, we are always happy to provide a little extra help if needed.

£50 for a 45 minute consultation

Planning a big project?

Are you building a little cabin on wheels, overlander, off-grid house, or something truly unique?

Projects like these require specific research and design time to develop the best possible system. Therefore the best place to start is with a consultation so we can fully define your requirements. Please enquire below for more information.

Meet our off-grid team

Dale Comley - Engineer

Co-founder and full-time van lifer, Dale has worked as an Engineer for over 10 years for leading technology companies, and consultancies.


Charlie Low - Physicist

Co-founder and full-time van lifer, Charlie loves applying her physics and maths knowledge to solving off-grid challenges.


Kaegh Allen Nomadic Engineer

Kaegh Allen - Engineer

Kaegh is a true off-grid engineer, he lives off-grid in Portugal and works to help people with their own off-grid systems.


Mhairi McInnes - Engineer

Mhairi has a masters in Mechanical Engineer and has converted numerous vans to fuel her own adventures and for others to do the same.


Frequently asked questions

Yes. The quote is 100% free and no obligration. As long as you order the majority (~80%) of your electrical system components through us, we will provide your bespoke wiring diagram free of charge. We price match competitors on all components, so it shouldn’t cost you any more to order your system through us.

Yes, we can make an amendment to your quotation free of charge. However, it takes us a lot of time to put a quote together, so subsequent changes will incur a £20 fee to cover our time.

For the main components we use Victron Energy, Renogy and Blue Sea Systems. We also use a range of different battery providers, including TN Power, Exide and Yuasa.

After you’ve got in contact, we’ll send you a questionnaire with a number of questions. Once you have completed this, we’ll aim to share a quote with you within 3 working days, although this can vary based on how busy we are.

If you’re happy with the quote, we’ll place the order with our distributor. If all of the required equipment is in stock, the order will be sent out via next day delivery. However, if there are a couple of items that are not in stock, these will need to be ordered in before the order can be dispatched. This could take up to a week. As soon as the items arrive, the order will be dispatched and will reach you the following day.

We will confirm as soon as your order has been dispatched so that you know when to expect it.

We will aim to share your wiring diagram and the installation ebook within 3 working days of you making payment.

We’re able to ship orders to the UK and Europe. Please note that if you live in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Scottish highlands and islands and certain parts of Europe, there will be an additional postage fee.

We use a custom algorithm which we have specially developed to help us calculate the components you will need for your system. This means that there’s no guesswork involved!

Just need to buy a single product?

We sell a range of campervan electrical equipment in our shop: