Harry Flaherty

Technical researcher

Physicist and writer

Harry is a physicist, and along with his partner, is currently converting a VW Crafter into their nomadic home. His technical background, love for up-and-coming off-grid technologies and first-hand van conversion experience make him the ideal content writer for Climbingvan.

harry flaherty nomadic energy engineer

Harry Flaherty

Technical researcher

physicist & writer

harry flaherty nomadic energy engineer

Harry is a physicist and is currently converting a VW Crafter alongside his partner, into their nomadic home. His technical background, love for up and coming off grid technologies and first-hand van conversion experience make him the ideal content writer for Climbingvan.

Harry has always loved creating, fixing, and taking things apart to discover their inner workings. Growing up in Aberdeenshire, Norfolk and the South Pacific, he could be found tinkering with a PC, climbing a tree or falling off his skateboard. Through his years of scouting, Harry found pleasure in sitting next to a campfire with friends or off on a hike through the countryside. He knew that wherever life took him, he couldn’t be too far detached from nature. Two years spent sailing the south pacific on a small yacht with his family first showed him the possibility of living entirely off-grid. Spending weeks at a time away from land, he learnt how to conserve water, cook with long shelf life ingredients and generate electricity. Days spent exploring islands and sailing his dinghy instilled a need for adventure that stuck with him through to buying a van with his partner, to embark on a new off-grid adventure.

After finding a fondness for the sciences throughout school and sixth-form college, Harry completed a degree in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of York, attaining first-class honours. Here he joined the Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron with the RAF and the university’s mountaineering society. Flying lessons and adventurous training with the RAF and trips out to a crag with his climbing friends provided excellent adventures. He soon fell in love with Yorkshire gritstone and Peak-district limestone and looks forward to discovering Europe’s fantastic climbing.

Harry had to work hard to succeed at university which resulted in large developments in his academic ability over the course. He really fell in love with his degree during the final year, especially with his final year project. Here he developed a low-cost attitude control system (attitude refers to controlling the orientation of a satellite in space, as opposed to a mind control device!) for a small satellite which made use of Arduino actuated reaction wheels to control the angular position of a model. The process of researching an electronic component, then applying it to his project and writing about it was always enjoyed. He found pleasure in the challenge of condensing his writing for different audiences and began to realise his potential as a content writer. 

Although this position at Climbingvan is Harry’s first postgraduate employment he has had many previous jobs. These included working as a materials lab technician, a waiter at a tearoom and plenty of manual labour jobs. At the end of his degree, he decided that he needed a break from full-time education, and straight into a full-time career. Travelling Europe in a van whilst writing for Climbingvan was the solution!

Outside of travelling, climbing and vans, Harry has a love for cooking, electronic music and skateboarding. Together, alongside climbing, they offer him an escape, a creative outlet and a chance to come together with friends. He always enjoys cooking something new with fresh, seasonal produce and loves the challenge of making a meal with what’s left in the cupboard or fridge!

Writing for Climbingvan, Harry works to provide knowledge of complex but exciting off-grid technologies in a digestible and accessible format. By helping people learn more about off-grid living, he hopes to make a small difference in the world’s reliance on fossil fuels!

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