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3000VA MultiPlus-II Kit – Includes Victron MultiPlus-II 12V inverter/charger

This MultiPlus kit includes everything you’ll need to wire in the 12V Victron MultiPlus-II 3000VA inverter/charger as part of your campervan electrical system. It includes:

  • Victron MultiPlus-II 3000VA 12V inverter/charger
  • 2x consumer units
  • Required DC cable, cable lugs & fuses (select whether using busbars or Lynx Distributor so we can include correct fuses & holders)
  • 20m x 3 core cable
  • Switch (optional – select if required)
  • MK3 to USB-C interface & RJ45 cable
  • Shore inlet (polyamide or steel)
  • Shore hookup cable (optional – select if required)


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3000VA MultiPlus-II Kit – Includes Victron 3000VA 12V MultiPlus inverter/charger & all required components

This MultiPlus kit includes everything you need to wire the 12V Victron MultiPlus-II 3000VA inverter/charger as part of your campervan electrical system. It includes:


Plus, pick from the following variables:

  • Blue Sea 600A switch (optional – if you would like to be able to isolate the MultiPlus from your system)
  • Shore inlet (select from Victron polyamide or Victron steel options – both rated to 16A)
  • Shore hookup cable (optional – select if required, 15m and 25m options available. Please note that the Victron shore inlet is only compatible with Victron branded hookup cables)
  • Select whether you will connect to busbars or a Lynx Distributor (so we can include the correct fuses & holders)

Victron 3000VA MultiPlus-II kit

Our Victron MultiPlus kits include everything you need to connect an inverter/charger subsystem to your electrical system. All cabling, fuses, cable lugs, etc. are included, as well as a number of optional extras to enhance the system.

We supply consumer units which contain 1x 25A RCD, 1x 10A MCB and 1x 6A MCB. We include two additional 16A MCBs so you can harness the full power of your MultiPlus.

The DC cable gauge is specced on the distance between the MultiPlus and your busbars being no longer than 1.5m each way (3m ‘there and back again’ length). If your inverter/charger will be further away than this, please contact us so we can provide a system proposal with the correct cable gauge.

We supply 20m of 3 core cable. This is used to connect the shore inlet, consumer units and MultiPlus, as well as wire any 230V sockets and appliances. If you require more cable than this you can add additional 3 core cable to your order separately.

You have the option to add a Blue Sea 600A switch. This allows you to easily isolate the subsystem from the rest of your electrical system.

We include an MK3 to USB-C interface and RJ45 cable, so you can configure the settings for the MultiPlus from your computer.

If you’d like to monitor your MultiPlus from a Cerbo GX, you’ll need to purchase an additional RJ45 cable.

Select whether you will use busbars or a Lynx Distributor to connect your subsystems to your batteries. Please note that the busbars / Lynx Distributor are not included in this kit, however by selecting what you are using in your system, we can ensure we include the required fuses and fuse holders.

Choose from the Victron polyamide or Victron steel shore power inlet. Both are rated to 16A.

Select if you would like to include a Victron shore hookup cable. It’s not possible to use an unbranded hookup cable with the Victron inlets, so if you don’t already have one you should include this.

Wiring diagram & installation guidance

All of our kits are supplied with a subsystem wiring diagram and installation guidance. This includes information on setting up the MultiPlus correctly using the MK3 to USB-C interface cable. So, you can install your system easily and be confident it’s installed correctly. If you need any support during the install, contact us and we can provide additional support.

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Victron 3000VA MultiPlus-II inverter/charger – use case

The Victron MultiPlus-II 3000VA inverter/charger is suitable for off-grid electrical system applications such as for use in campervans, motorhomes, RVs and boats. It is suitable for anyone whose mains power appliances equal a total wattage of 3000VA or less. As the Victron MultiPlus is an inverter/charger, it will also allow the system to be charged via shore power when connected to hookup.

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