We are passionate about sustainability. We recognise that everything we do, from running our website to printing books, has an impact on the environment, so we want to ensure we are doing the right thing and giving back.

What are we doing?

Measuring & offsetting our carbon footprint

When measuring our carbon footprint, we include:

  • The physical production of our book
  • The distribution of all products for sale via our website
  • Our “office” and personal yearly footprint
  • Everything else – our website hosting, mobile phone & internet contracts

We offset all of our emissions through Ecologi, who support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent.

Printing responsibly & giving back

  • We are printing The Van Conversion Bible with a UK-based book printer. They use vegetable-based inks and FSC certified paper from sustainable, well-managed forests and other responsible sources.
  • All packaging used to post our book is fully recyclable.
  • We will plant a tree for every order of The Van Conversion Bible with Ecologi.

Promoting a sustainable lifestyle

  • We aim to work with brands that align with our sustainability values.
  • We try to minimise our personal impact by cutting down on single use plastic and eating plant based diets, and we actively promote positive lifestyle changes that others can easily make through our channels.

Next steps...

  • 1% For The Planet: over the next few months, we plan on becoming member of 1% For The Planet.
  • B Corp status: we’re not yet a limited company, but when we are we, will work towards becoming B Corp certified.
  • Move hosting providers: our website hosting is currently with Hostinger, who provide a great service but unfortunately are not a green hosting provider. When our hosting is due for renewal, we will look to move to a green provider.

We know that we could be doing more and are constantly striving to improve, so we encourage any feedback and suggestions, and are committed to being transparent in everything that we do.

Distribution by Amazon: we currently distribute our books using Amazon. This is because we are just starting out, and other distributors were prohibitively expensive. However, we are using the money saved to offset our carbon footprint and donate to 1% for the Planet which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. In the future, we plan to move to using a more sustainable and ethical distributor.