van conversion layout configurator

Are you trying to decide on a campervan layout? But you are not sure what layout you should go for, or what size of van is best for you? Then you should use our van conversion layout configurator. It will help you decide how to design your van and come up with some campervan layout ideas. Once you’ve filled out the configurator to you’ll be sent campervan floor plans based on your requirements.

so how does the van conversion layout configurator work?

  1. First, fill out the Google Form below with your requirements for a campervan.
  2. Then we email you the best campervan layout based on your requirements within 24 hours. 
The email you receive will contain an example campervan layout based on your requirements. It will also contain a floor plan labelled with relevant dimensions and measurements and a number of useful van conversion resources.
We will only use your email address to email you your results, unless you choose to subscribe to our newsletter.
Want help planning your van build? Check out our van conversion guide!

If you’re viewing this page on your phone or a small web browser, you can access the van configurator Google Form directly here: