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Van life campervan projector setup

Our campervan projector setup

If you are planning on living in your van full time, a projector is a great way of being able to watch movies. The essence of van life is to switch off a bit and enjoy nature and the outdoors, but if you’re living in your van, chances are there might be some rainy days when you won’t complain about having a projector! This post details our campervan projector setup.

The projector

Our projector is the ViewSonic M1 Mini. It’s described as being an ‘ultra portable’ LED projector, and it has a built in JBL speaker that produces a surprisingly good sound quality for how small it is. It’s a pretty great mid range projector that produces a decent image quality for the price. It has a battery life of around 2 hours, or you can use it plugged in if you want to watch for longer than this.

It’s super easy to connect via a HDMI cable and an iPhone HDMI adapter, and play videos from your phone or films and TV shows through apps like Netflix. We think this makes it one of the best projectors for camper vans.

They are currently on sale on Amazon for £164.49.

The projector screen

We bought the Luxburg 50″ 16:9 pull down projector screen from eBay for around £15 which was a steal, as most screens seem to be £50+. We have found the screen to be great for what we need, it seems pretty well made and it’s the perfect size for fitting between one side of the van and our overhead storage.

The setup

We found 2 small hooks and attached them to the ceiling near the front of the van. There are 2 hooks on the projector screen that attach to the hooks in the ceiling. Once it’s rolled down, we set the projector up on our slide our table, and this is the perfect distance to fill the projector screen.

We fully explain our projector setup in our van tour video which you can find below:

Thanks for reading, please get in contact if you have any questions!

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van life projector setup

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