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411 reviews

The Van Conversion Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Converting a Campervan​

411 reviews

Winner of the 2022 Writers Digest Self-Published book award 🏆

  • 331 page book to help you plan, design and build a campervan
  • Over 350 detailed illustrations, graphs and photographs
  • Detailed gas, water and electrical system diagrams
  • We will plant a tree for every order
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Build a campervan, travel the world

Want to wake up to a breathtaking new view every morning? Have you been dreaming about owning a vehicle to fuel your adventures? Building a campervan gives you total freedom to create your very own rolling home. Escape the daily grind, hit the open road and re-write the way you live.

The Van Conversion Bible is the ultimate guide to planning, designing and converting a campervan. It’s more than just the story of how we built our own van Ringo, it will help you build a van bespoke to your needs. It provides definitive answers to your questions (even the ones you haven’t thought of yet!) to ensure you save time and avoid expensive mistakes.

From detailed gas, water and electrical system diagrams to a step-by-step build guide, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey inside. Whatever your skills and budget, you can learn how to build your dream campervan. Your very own home on wheels awaits…

Winner of the 2022 Writers Digest Self-Published book award 🏆

Not only has The Van Conversion Bible been the bestselling “technology” book for the past 12 months, but it has also now won the prestigious Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award for non-fiction! You can read more about the award and the judge’s review here.

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Charlie Low and Dale Comley


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411 reviews for The Van Conversion Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Converting a Campervan​

  1. Caroline Pears {@slowlane.bookworm} (verified owner)

    I have had the privilege of reading an advanced digital copy of The Campervan Conversion before it’s upcoming publication date in April 2021.

    The Campervan Conversion Bible met and exceeded my expectations.

    Neatly, logically and concisely presented. The book is accessible to all and easy to navigate. Broken up into Chapters that deliver on every aspect of a van build to van life experiences.

    Charlie and Dale have done all our hard work for us. They have researched every detail extensively and have produced spread sheets, diagrams and layouts. Everything aspect of a build is covered ~ the costs, time, shopping lists and comprehensive gas and electric installation advice. All the questions that you may have about van builds you will find at the flick of a page.

  2. Rhiannon H. (verified owner)

    Just wow! This is a really high quality book. This is becoming so useful as I start to build my own van.

  3. Claude L. (verified owner)

    Very usefull and complete, covers all the subjects and questions that i had, see you on the road

  4. Frank and Ella (verified owner)

    We have already converted a van and are planning for our second van. This book is so detailed and will help us make choices for the next van. The Van Conversion Bible really lives up to its name! It is well worth the money, a must have if you are going to build a van!

  5. Laura

    Extremely easy to follow. Very comprehensive, great guide for perfectionists who want to know the pros and cons of each van life choice.

  6. Phil Hall (verified owner)

    A great book. Beautifully done and awesome detail.

  7. Ben Couchman (verified owner)

    Amazing! Fantastic job.

  8. Julia Marsh (verified owner)

    Fabulous book and beautifully presented.

  9. Lynn C. (verified owner)

    A beautiful yet highly technical and comprehensive book, covering all aspects from design layout considerations through to technical diagrams for wiring and plumbing for every facet. This book caters for the dreamers who aspire to owning a self build little home on wheels through to those who are starting the process. A real coffee table book reminiscent of the Haynes guides but done with a human touch in full colour with beautiful photography. Highly recommended 5*

  10. Peter Smith (verified owner)

    Lovely book. Well thought out,well written, just what is needed if you wish to tackle this project. Or in my case thinking about it. Well done. Time well spent.

  11. Craig Dunwell (verified owner)

    Great helpful handbook full of all the essentials in an easy reading ,informative style and page after page laid out in an easy to follow pattern
    Highly recommended.

  12. Luis (verified owner)

    Epic book made by epic people.

  13. John B. (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the book. Next step buy a van and commence the building! Thx for writing it 🙂

  14. Kez H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic! We love the illustration and detailed informative pages.

  15. Freya (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book. It’s very beautifully presented, with lots of good van pictures to peruse. It also has such a good in depth look at everything you could possibly need to convert a van, with excellent references and info. A pleasure to read. Would very much recommend.

  16. Ryan Fenna (verified owner)

    I think its a fantastic book, would’ve helped me massively with my van

  17. Phil Judge (verified owner)

    Superbly detailed and very thorough

  18. Simon Rawlinson (verified owner)

    A brilliant book that will be an invaluable recourse for anyone considering a self build conversion. Clearly written by a couple that have put the hours in researching and building themselves.

  19. Rhiannon Williams (verified owner)

    An excellent insight into the world of van conversions. This will most definitely come in handy when my partner and I start our conversion very soon!

  20. Jade-louise Thompson (verified owner)

    Not that I’m looking, but I’m struggling to find anything negative to say about this book!
    It is truly the holy grail of van conversion and I love every single page of it. A credit to the amazing couple that made it and it consolidates the fun I’ve had watching them on their socials! Well done guys.

  21. Nathalie Calant (verified owner)

    Just buy it if you’re converting or planning to convert a van! It’s a clear an wel illustrated book which will really help you through the process. Nice to know: the authors thought about nature too ❤️. Thank you for this bible 🙏.

  22. Jens Theunis (verified owner)

    It’s a really beautifull and definetly helpfull book!! Thanks a lot fot this piece of art!! ❤️

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Darren Ellis (verified owner)

    Fantastic guide for everything you need to know about building a camper van. It condenses basically every YouTube video I’ve ever watched on van builds into one super useful book!

  25. Sasha Lithgow (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Great quality book, probably one of the best self build books on the market. Really informative, and so much information, it absolutely deserves the title of van bible!! Love it! Worth every penny. I’ve got several van build guides, and this one is the best iv read! If your a self builder you have got to get this!

  26. Dave Smart (verified owner)

    Great book with some really great content! Can’t wait to put some of the knowledge into action! (Also looks great on the shelf! 😃)

  27. Gabriel McArtney (verified owner)

    Wonderfully designed book at a great price!

  28. Georgina (verified owner)

    Brilliant, easy to follow informative book! Can’t wait to start our build. Thank you!

  29. James B. (verified owner)

    Really thorough and well-researched! A great read!

  30. Mareike W. (verified owner)

    It is really beautifully illustrated and helpful for a vanconversion! I like it so Mutch, and also it’s long time ago that I read a book so fast!

  31. Martin Kay (verified owner)

    I bought this to have a read up on how to build a van conversion and it’s detailed text, pictures, advice and tips have persuaded me to take the plunge!
    Highly recommended!!

  32. Martina H. (verified owner)

    Great book!

  33. Celine C. (verified owner)

    I’m in love with the book! We are just starting to imagine our van build, nothing concrete yet, and this book will help us make this dream come true. You can appreciate the work done, this is truly a bible I will treasure! Thank you Charlie and Dale for helping us with our build.

  34. Chris (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic book! Anyone thinking of converting a van should start here, well done Charlie & Dale 👏🏼

  35. Mairead C. (verified owner)

    Full of amazing information, easy to follow and great to have pictures to really see the work put into your van

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

  37. Keith Baker (verified owner)

    Wonderful book and a real help. Full of advice and easy to follow information. A must for anyone thinking of a self build van conversion

  38. Robyn F. (verified owner)

    Love love love! I am checking this book EVERY DAY of my van build. Thank you SO MUCH for putting all this information together

  39. Chris M (verified owner)

    Excellently produced. Will be a valuable resource for the journey that is about to begin.

  40. Oxana (verified owner)

    The book is really good quality, and I like how it goes in detail with the technical stuff as well. Shipping was quick and easy.

  41. Rob H. (verified owner)

    Beautifully made, illustrated and informative book, love it.

  42. Hauke (verified owner)

    Really well written, great level of detail and so much inspiration. It is very obvious the authors spent a lot of time with this book – feels and reads like a true labour of love!

  43. Emily (verified owner)

    Lovely book, with lots of beautiful, high quality photos and some really clear and detailed explanations.

  44. Ryan Bridge (verified owner)

    Fantastic read by far the best book of its kind and gives impartial advice and clearly explains and compares different options. This book is underpriced in my opinion ! Well done 👏

  45. Claudia (verified owner)

    We are really happy with this book and thankful for the many helpful informations! You can see that they put a lot of love in this book.

  46. Andy (verified owner)

    It’s an ok book. All of the stuff in the book could be researched on line.I I was hoping for more. I was disappointed that there was not more step by step instructions on circuit diagrams and wiring. This is the main difficulties with a van build.

    It’s a well presented book but I guess I wanted more then all the other books I have but unfortunately for me I got nothing more from this purchase.

  47. Joan A. (verified owner)

    We love your book thank you so much.xx

  48. Marten (verified owner)

    The graphical design and layout of the book is really amazing! It is like a piece of art. The book is full of information, tips and tricks for converting your own van. The book has helped me a lot for deciding the type of bus I want and the layout I want to create! Thanks a lot 🙂

  49. Dale Turk (verified owner)

  50. Wouter (verified owner)

  51. Joanne (verified owner)

    Very good job !

  52. Ao-Hin (verified owner)

    Very detailed yet so very easy to understand and take in! Beautiful inside and out!

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Guys!!!!! I brought your book for my other half for his birthday and he hasn’t put it down since!!!! We are planning our own van project and your book has been the most detailed, insightful and encompassing “van lifer” bible we’ve found. It’s making up consider everything with a different view and make educated decisions about what we want our van to achieve – thank you for all the time and care you’ve put into it! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  54. Jill Henry (verified owner)

    Love this – actually bought a few for our store in Edinburgh and they’re being snapped up. Great book and very inspirinng

  55. Julia Estermann (verified owner)

  56. Tina Johnson (verified owner)

    Love the book. Love all the details and pictures to go along with it! Well worth the money spent on the book. Cant wait to build out my van!!

  57. Camille (verified owner)

    Amazing book, with interesting content and beautiful pictures. I love it !

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is an inspiring and helpful book if you’re planning a campervan project, with great illustrations and examples. As a complete newbie to this I’m finding some instructions use jargon without providing a glossary and so need more knowledge than I’ve got, so I’m not using it as a stand alone manual. It’s giving me a good over all idea of how to approach my van conversion and am backing it up with YouTube videos. It does explain electrics very well, which I’ve never understood before!!

  59. Lukas (verified owner)

    So lovely, so informative! <3

  60. Ella (verified owner)

    super duper helpful book!! would recommend to anyone converting a van!

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

  62. Ian (verified owner)

    Great source for all things Van conversion

  63. John D. (verified owner)

    Huge amount of work gone into putting this together, well worth a read if you’re doing any work to your camper!

  64. Justin G. (verified owner)

    My partner and I left our jobs to travel for a year right before Covid-19 hit and since things haven’t really settled down we decided to buy a house. We still really want to travel so I bought this book for my partners birthday hopefully we can get a van project going since we have the space for it!

  65. Valentin T. (verified owner)

    I gifted it to friends who are doing their own van, they were really happy !

  66. Jessica Day (verified owner)

    I absolutley love this book ! I’m about to start my own conversion and this book has already been so useful. It has a perfect balance of giving you plenty of info without being overwhelming. Super easy to follow and has beautiful photography throughout to inspire your own conversion 😁 I would highly recomend !

  67. Caroline Jones (verified owner)

    It was a clear and concise guide with beautiful photographs. Glad to see Maths used so effectively

  68. Cesar Gomes (verified owner)

    Perfect!! 🙂

  69. Sarah (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous book in all ways. So informative and well researched, beautifully presented, and a high standard of production. Worth every single penny (and I don’t even have a van yet!)

  70. Wieke R. (verified owner)

    GREAT BOOK!!! And easy shipping to the Netherlands.

  71. Fiona (verified owner)

    Great book! Packed with useful information which is easy to read. Great pictures to reference to. Thanks!

  72. Chloe (verified owner)

    Gorgeous diagrams and lovely book to handle !

  73. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    Not read yet, but book arrived very quickly and in pristine condition

  74. stephen (verified owner)

    A great book. The layout, photos and diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. A book from a designer and an engineer on how to build a van….. hits the nail. Thank you

  75. Unai B. (verified owner)

  76. Margaux (verified owner)

    This book is as beautiful as it is useful! I do not regret purchasing it, and can’t wait to use it to build my own home on wheels.

  77. Clare Vause (verified owner)

  78. Anne-Marie S. (verified owner)

    Excellent book, highly recommended to all van conversion peeps. Very informative in easy to understand language, well done👏

  79. Stefanie H. (verified owner)

  80. Geraldine Byrne (verified owner)

  81. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Really helpful, well written and beautiful photos. Would recommend for anyone wanting to start a van conversion.

  82. Marta S. (verified owner)

    Great book to start planning this new project! Have already recommended it to several friends that have shared their interest in the van life. Amazing tool x

  83. John (verified owner)

  84. Wouter (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, clear and goodlooking layout. Great buy

  85. Sonia (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery. Bought as a present. They were thrilled with it and an added bonus that a tree is planted with every purchase. Glad I purchased direct from yourselves. 5 stars

  86. Phill (verified owner)

  87. Mike B. (verified owner)

    Very informative

  88. Jake Maat (verified owner)

    Hi Charlie and Dale. Got my book yesterday. Thanks. Looks good but now the task is to find a transit 3500 .
    Jakr Maat

  89. Ben (verified owner)

    Great book, very informative and well presented.

  90. David Mason (verified owner)

    This was the most excited I have been to read a book since Harry Potter, and it did not disappoint!

    So much invaluable information, thanks a million.

  91. charles dennis (verified owner)

    Prompt, courteous, all the good stuff.

  92. Brad S. (verified owner)

    Awesome book. Me and my girlfriend are about to start the van dream and excited for the project ahead. This book is mega helpful

  93. david watkins (verified owner)

    Every camper van builder needs this book full of easy to follow information fantastic

  94. Andrew Weston (verified owner)

    An incredibly detailed book that must have taken a lot of effort to put together. The integrity of this couple shines through!

  95. Joyce Davison (verified owner)

    Excellent book bought for our daughter who has just bought a van for conversion . I had a quick look and could not put it down . It’s going to be very useful for her.
    Lots of information on the internet but you can’t beat a book !!!

  96. Aaron S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a while for a book to help me (a complete novice) to plan and build a van. With this book the search is over!! I can’t recommend this book more for anyone planning or mid way through converting a van! A must buy!

  97. Julie (verified owner)

  98. Courtney S. (verified owner)

    Love love love this book! You guys have done such an epic job producing it, the content is great and it’s gorgeous too. This book has finally made me feel confident enough to start my van conversion 🙂

  99. Axel Manthey (verified owner)

    Great book, quick shipping, much attention to detail, can’t wait to quit my day job and get started!

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quick services

  101. Katy C. (verified owner)

    This book is not only so helpful, but so beautifully laid out and – despite containing TONS of information – not overwhelming. Just the perfect guide to for a first-time van converter.

  102. Becca

    This is such a helpful book! You can tell how detail orientated and how much research has gone into this book. It applies to all kinds of vans so the info is ready transferable to whatever you are doing. And whilst I used a lot of YouTube videos and online content, I can’t stress how surprisingly nice it was to have a solid book in my hands sometimes while in the midst of a job!

  103. Darren W. (verified owner)

    Really informative a must for the new van converter.

  104. Stephan V. (verified owner)

    Good book, with width many van types. For me good inspiration and cool needfull tips and Tricks.

  105. Ruari M. (verified owner)

    Great – really good info, beautifully presented.

  106. Amy S. (verified owner)

    This book is super helpful! Currently building out a van completely diy and solo and this book has all the information you need and answers questions that you didn’t even think about!

  107. SEONGU (verified owner)

    It was nice to read your book in Korea.
    This book is really Bible.
    It was good to have a detailed explanation of making a camper van.
    Personally, I’ve already made a camper van, but it’s a good idea to wait and see.

  108. Rachel (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning, accessible and informative. What more could you want!

  109. Mette Marie Bech (verified owner)

    Perfectly detailed book. The service was amazing (My books was destroyed when delivered, and Climbingvan sent me a new one, free of charge! Thank you!)

  110. Alan Bailey (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic book. I’ve followed these guys online on Instagram for ages when we had a small camper van. When we decided to get a bigger van to convert this book was a must. So much info and useful knowledge. Great pictures amd simple instructions. 5 star!

  111. Krzysztof Mielczarek (verified owner)

    Beautiful layout. Brilliant tips – especially electrical diagrams. Must have for factory-made campers as well!

  112. Catherine (verified owner)

    Brilliant distillation of all the current knowledge regarding conversions, presented in a ‘text book’ manner but with plenty of engaging insta-worthy pictures. Whether coffee table or serious van-geek this is the most relevant and comprehensive vanlife book I have found in 2021.

  113. Chrissy R. (verified owner)

  114. Meriel (verified owner)

    A brilliant guide to converting a camper – clear, informative and packed full of practical information. I found this book very useful and reassuring in helping to plan my DIY conversion – 100% recommend 🙂

  115. Daniel (verified owner)

    Bought this book as a gift for a friend of mine and she absolutely loved it 🙂 Incredibly detailed and inspirational!

  116. Jerry Brashier (verified owner)

    love it and will probably order another one

  117. Graham (verified owner)

    Excellent resource; I’m very much a novice but found it well written and easy to understand…highly recommended!

  118. Derek K. (verified owner)

    Fantastic book, it has given me lots of great ideas and really informative.

  119. Ian Pinder (verified owner)

    Love it! Me and my dad have been looking through the book, getting ideas for our own can conversion. Thanks for this one stop shop of a book.

  120. Laura F. (verified owner)

  121. Suzanne (verified owner)

  122. Robert Evans (verified owner)

    Fantastic book.

  123. Dave H. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery in Holland and a very useful guide for making my van conversion of a Mercedes Sprinter

  124. Birgit (verified owner)

    Great book, nice foto’s, pretty detailled descriptions for design as well as technical solutions. Looks like a good base for our own van convertion project.

  125. Helen B. (verified owner)

    This book is amazing. I’m really enjoying reading it and putting my plans together, so much thought and detail has gone into it. I’d definitely recommend it!

  126. David (verified owner)

    Not finished reading but so far very well laid out and structured. Nice feel and really useful for when I purchase a van in a few months time…

  127. David M. (verified owner)

    Lovely book, well detailed but very easy to understand.

  128. Caroline Brown (verified owner)

    Bought for my husband and he absolutely loves it!!!

  129. Jill w. (verified owner)

    Well written and extremely understandable guide to planning, designing and converting a campervan. A must read!!

  130. Guy Tingay (verified owner)

    Am excellent resource, it contains everything I need.

  131. Rebecca (verified owner)

    As someone who has Dyslexia, this book was very accessible! It was very clearly presented, explained and covered every area of a build you could possibly want! Truly lives up to the title and I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone out there wanted to do a build themselves !

  132. Chris O. (verified owner)

    A really comprehensive, well written, beautifully illustrated book. If you only buy one book for your campervan conversion, make it this one!

  133. Gary Nealon (verified owner)

    If you are looking for an informative, comprehensive book that is written in a logical sequence on how to convert your van then this is the one you need to buy.

  134. Clare S. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous book

  135. Chloe A. (verified owner)

  136. Jenny-Lee (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my brother living in the UK so I have not actually seen the book but I will say that delivery was fast and notifications were great.

  137. callum barber (verified owner)

    Everything one needs and more

  138. Stephen (verified owner)

    Bought this for my son how devoured it within a day and is now looking for a suitable van!

  139. Chris (verified owner)

    This has been a great book to help us wrap our heads around the many steps that go into a DIY campervan. We feel very informed as we take our next step of purchasing a van to convert. Charlie and Dale do a great job sharing what they did in their conversion, whilst also leaving it open to other possibilities, since there are many! I found the information about electrical systems for campervans very helpful. Thank you!

  140. Tim J. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this this book not only for the information it gives but for the experiences that were navigated, allows you to plan your own build with greater confidence. Thank you!

  141. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing detail. I’ve read it cover to cover and learned so much! For someone who doesn’t read books, I was engrossed at every page. It’s instilled so much more confidence in converting our van “Hamish” if your hovering over the order button. Just do it. You won’t regret it!

  142. Karl (verified owner)

    Have the e-book and found it very useful, but not getting on with the double page pdf format. I will probably bay the hardback in consideration of the level of detail provided. Just scratching my head re the solar and electrics so also find you website extremely useful. Excellent body of reference

    • climbingvan (store manager)

      Hi Karl, thank you for the review! If you’re still scratching your head about the electrical system you should check out our new FREE service where we can design a bespoke electrical system for you! It launches in the next few days but we thought we would give you a sneak peek! https://climbingvan.co.uk/nomadic-energy/

  143. Julka (verified owner)

    Awesome book!

  144. Mike H. (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive & useful overviews on everything

  145. Barbara B. (verified owner)

    Excellent book. Lots of usual information.

  146. Mark Delaney (verified owner)

    Beautifully designed book that tells you everything you need to know (and a lot that you didn’t know that you need to know) about designing and building your own van. I would say an essential purchase for anyone who dreams of van life.

  147. Rebecca Goggins (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic conversion book! Very detailed and easy to understand. Lovely photos through makes it a pleasure to read through!

  148. Craig Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome. I’ve bought this both as a PDF and hardback. It’s brilliant. I’ve converted a horsebox lorry previously, but the info in this book will be invaluable as I begin my next van conversion. It’ll pay for itself easily!. Just buy it if you’re thinking of converting a van.

  149. William (verified owner)

  150. Andy P. (verified owner)

    Very useful and detailed guide on everything you need to know. I am actually renovating a 1965 Eriba Pan caravan but most of the information is relevant such as planning and electrical systems. Thanks guys

  151. Claire Baldwin (verified owner)

    I love this book. We have dreams of converting a van and this is packed full of great hints and tips as well as clear, step by step guidance for the tiniest detail of van conversion. It’s fun to read, too. Whether we end up converting from scratch, customise an existing one or just need to understand how stuff works, this book is going to help. Add the high quality and attractive looks and this is money well spent.

  152. Alan J. (verified owner)

  153. Anna (verified owner)

    Hmmm, cannot review the book as I didn’t buy it for myself… A friend from EU asked me to buy it and then send it over. You don’t even sell e-books to other countries even though it’s a digital product… When I had that book in my hand I saw that it was nicely published, good pictures but didn’t focus on the content (as I mentioned it was a gift for somebody else).

    • climbingvan (store manager)

      Hi Anna, unfortunately this is yet another horrible side effect of Brexit! We would love to be able to sell our ebook into Europe, and are currently setting up with a German fulfilment company so we can fulfil orders into the EU, but at the moment this is impossible for us because of new taxes due to Brexit 🙁 believe me, we are as upset about this as everyone else!

  154. Brendan B. (verified owner)

    Such a thorough account. Goes into great detail. Also, engaging to read, top stuff. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  155. Phill Elston (verified owner)

    A very well written, handy book that has given me a lot of food for thought toward the van conversion that I want to do.

  156. Richard Flowers (verified owner)

    I am new to the van scene, this is a great, well put together book with some great visual content making the desire to have some kind of “vanlife” more exciting!

  157. Janet Smith (verified owner)

    A gift for my son who plans to convert a van to meet climbing equipment needs etc. He says it’s well researched with very helpful information. Delivery was quick and I think the book is great value for money.

  158. Claire Blaszczyk

    Excellent customer service. Will order from this company again

  159. Mike B. (verified owner)

  160. Darren Thorpe (verified owner)

    Thank you, a very helpful guide lots of information and clear diagrams would highly recommend if your thinking of converting your van.

  161. Jacob Deeks (verified owner)

    Great book definitely worth a read

  162. tony hall (verified owner)

    Great book and service, would highly recommend.

  163. Simon A. (verified owner)

    Excellent book full of great information and helpful tips.

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This book is a real gem. Clearly laid out is great easy to understand sections. Before plunging into anything, I always like to carry out as much prep/research as I can and this is great starting point to my journey.

  165. Jane (verified owner)

    Great book great service. Thank you!

  166. Lee Pryor (verified owner)

    Love this book, really comprehensive with great illustrations and plain English! Can’t wait to get started on my conversion.

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    Charlie and Dale are very accessible and approachable too.

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    • climbingvan (store manager)

      Hi Geke, Glad you enjoyed the book, but sorry to hear you had problems viewing the PDF on your e-reader. If you drop us an email at [email protected] we can send you a copy of the ebook which displays a single page at a time. Hope this helps!

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    • climbingvan (store manager)

      Thank you so so much for the lovely review and to hear the book lived up to its name! Best of luck with your van conversion 🙂

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    Keep up with the great work!

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    It’s inspirational, factual, informative and genuinely, a good read. Dale and Charlie have struck a great balance here.
    If you’re absolutely clueless (as I am), I believe, this book will be an asset and an ally, in supporting you to make the step into van life. However, I would also say that, to supplement the book, watching practical videos to see the build ‘in person’ is essential for success.

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    Apreciate also nice graphic form, which is great if you want the bible as a present to someone 🙂

    Shipping with no issues, satisfied with the wrapping, book came as new as from the regal at bookstore.

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    Taking on a project like a van-conversion is a huge task, with about a million potential downfalls – so knowledge is power!

    Took me about a week to read through, and I’ll be going back, re-reading, and also referring back to each relevant section once we actually start building.

    Thoroughly recommended!

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    I particularly like the detail given around/import placed on the design process – I work in product development and it was inspiring to see familiar concepts used in such different applications!

    Thank you so much for writing this, feeling very grateful, and I’ll be sure to tag you once my van is up and running :).

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    • climbingvan (store manager)

      Hi David, let us know once you’ve finished the book – we’d love for you to change that 4* to a 5* if you enjoy it! 🙂

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    I initially had an issue with the delivery and the team was very supportive…I was happy to receive the book only a few days after i filed a complaint.

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    For an addicted sewing fanatic I know she must have really appreciated the gift as the sewing machine wasn’t touched for a couple of days!

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    Excellent, very comprehensive and good blend of technical theory and actual practical guidance

  370. Simon D. (verified owner)

    I’ve not started planning my conversion yet due to other life things taking my time up BUT, I am absorbing as much as I can from this book whilst reading at my leisure. I am confident that when I do start in ernest the exceptional detail and simplicity in the clear and easy to follow diagrams and text is going to make decision making and planning so much easier than ever before. This will be van 5. I can’t wait…

  371. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent book, now busy planning the build!

    • Holly Croft (store manager)

      We’re so happy you found the book useful! Wishing you the best of luck with your build!

  372. Jamie (verified owner)

    This is a great guide I’ve read others but this is the best by far for newbies like ourselves.

  373. Ian Knight (verified owner)

    Great product, great service.

  374. Carl Grim (verified owner)

    An outstanding book – perfect blend of the technical and the practical, all presented with a lovely personal touch

  375. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Useful and informative guide.

  376. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for. Lots of tips for the beginner!

  377. Scott (verified owner)

    Fantastic book! Helping us so much with our conversion.

  378. Leanne Aston (verified owner)

    Amazing book. Step by step guide of converting a van. Really useful ideas and tips i wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you so much

  379. Colin Godfrey (verified owner)

  380. Claudio Aguzzoli (verified owner)

    Reading the book and coming back to it when needed is a total pleasure. I feel like it’s so reliable that I don’t need another source of truth. Gave me tons of confidence and benchmarks. My only suggestion to improve is to add more illustrations to certain parts (e.g. the tools: for non-native english speakers it would save a lot of googling!)

  381. Ann-kathrine (verified owner)

  382. Jerry Copping (verified owner)

    Very well thought out and so far full of helpful advice and information. This especially applies to me. I want a home on wheels for myself, so only a large single bed a single comfortable chair necessary. Thank you for your advice.

  383. Delyth Pritchard (verified owner)

  384. Levente B. (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience! Valuable book!

  385. Hannah Osborne (verified owner)

    Great book will be invaluable for our Ducato conversion

  386. Ellis Rust (verified owner)

    Extremely useful and condenses 1000s hours worth of information into an easy to follow guide. I’ve done tons of van research over the last few years and still learnt plenty of useful things from this! Really impressed with this and the overall company. Staff I’ve dealt with (Adam) has been beyond helpful, would recommend to anyone.

  387. Iain MacDonald (verified owner)

    The book is great, lots of useful information both in helping build the van but also in deciding how to fit it out.

  388. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    I thought this was the most amazing book. It covers everything and is full of relevant topics and helpful advice. Brilliant!

  389. Kristian N. (verified owner)

  390. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Easy to read and I feel I will be dipping onto this alot on my van reno journey, I’ve read first chapters and am on the market looking for my van home. Thankd

  391. Pete (verified owner)

    Cracking book.

  392. Ken K. (verified owner)

    Thanks for the swift shipping!

  393. gijs vanhee (verified owner)

    after having build 4 vans already, I couldn’t resist having this book. Now the urge of starting on a new van is there even more..

  394. Fiona Mahon (verified owner)

    Excellent service great communication , super fast delivery

  395. David M. (verified owner)

    Excellent info

  396. Mike Brittin (verified owner)

    Great book with lots of very useful information. Looking forward to starting my van conversion early next year.

  397. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  398. Patrick Van Laer (verified owner)

    Well documented and nice to read.

  399. Merlin Brick (verified owner)

  400. Nigel Dowsing (verified owner)

  401. Dominik V. (verified owner)

  402. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic !

  403. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly what we were looking for thanks…we were a bit worried that it was for more US-style vans but the British/European coverage was what we wanted because we live in Wales….Cheers!

  404. Abbie P. (verified owner)

    Such an amazing book!!! I got this for my parents as a present, as they are building their own campervan for retirement. They absolutely loved it, it’s super detailed and has given them a load of ideas! Thank you!

  405. Francisca Grosso (verified owner)

  406. Joachim N. (verified owner)

    Love the details in the book, and good explainations / examples

  407. Richard (verified owner)

    Build? Buy new or secondhand? The Van Conversion Bible is the perfect book to help answer the many questions that will flood your head and lead you to the solution that’s right for you.

  408. Ayrton (verified owner)

    A great book lots of useful information and tips. Well worth the money.

  409. Mark (verified owner)

    still in doubt if I will ever start such a project, but I enjoyed reading that book, and it certainly increased my appetite

  410. Martin (verified owner)

    For sure a bible and an endless source of inspiration!

  411. Susan K. (verified owner)

    Really useful book for anyone converting a van (different types and sizes covered). Essential reading for anyone looking to live in a van. Good clear instructions and packed with information and great photos.

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