Van conversion shopping list tool

Planning is an important aspect of a van conversion. Once you have decided on the spec of your campervan and exactly what you want to include, you will need to spend some time on the shopping list for your build. We have created the ultimate ‘van conversion shopping list tool’, based on our own van conversion spreadsheet from our build. We used a spreadsheet to forecast our van conversion costs, allowing us to work out how much we would need to spend at each phase. 

  • Fully configurable: input your total budget and select from a few variables to tailor the list to your van conversion
  • Grouped into phases: items are grouped into the different phases of the conversion to make the list clearer and easier to manage
  • Overview tab: provides a breakdown of spend by phase so you can track your van conversion cost, and an overview of progress based on the status of each item
  • Definitive list of products: the spreadsheet includes all the products you should need to convert your campervan and a link to buy them online at the cheapest price, but also allows you to add your own products should there be anything additional you need for your build
  • Useful notes & links: where relevant, we have included useful notes and links relating to specific products

To download the van conversion shopping list tool, enter your email address below and we will email you a downloadable link: